13 Mistakes You’re Making When Cleaning Hardwood floor, Tile, & Carpet

Hardwood floors, tiles, and carpets make your home look elegant, welcoming and classy. They demand a little bit of care and maintenance. Most people believe they know how to clean and maintain the floors the right way, but they frequently make mistakes that can ruin their beautiful floor. Do you want to know what those mistakes are and what you can do about them? Then read on.

Failing to Sweep

Vacuuming and sweeping hardwood floors can not only clean your floors but also increase their lifespan. Dirt, debris, and dust can scratch the floor’s finish once they are under your feet. To prevent them from doing long-term damage, tidy up frequently.

Dirt can also damage your tile floor, so clean and sweep it frequently. A light mopping or sweeping on a regular basis can increase the life of the tiles.

To keep your carpet clean and free from dirt and dust, you need to vacuum it on a regular basis. However, you also need to deep clean your carpet every 6 months to increase its lifespan and to prevent the growth of bacteria and molds in the carpet fibers.

Using Vacuum Beater Bar

Vacuuming is a vital task for not only keeping dirt and dust off of the hardwood floors but also out of miniature crevices and cracks; however, you need to use the right vacuum attachment. The vacuum’s beater bar can damage wood floors so replace it with the hardwood floor brush attachment.

Do not use this on the tile floor as it can scratch the surface. Several vacuum cleaners can shut off the beater bars and come with special settings for cleaning tile floors.

Letting Spills and Stains Sit For a Long Time

You may experience difficulty in removing caked-on and dried spills if you allow them to sit. So, wipe spills up straight away with a clean and soft cloth. If required, remove the spills with a small amount of water and remember to use a washed cloth to dry your wood floor.

The stains can affect your tile floor also. Oil-based stains, tomato stains, and drink stains can ruin your tile floor so make sure to clean them up without delay. You should not let stains sit for a long time on your floors as they can be difficult to remove.

Using Oil-based Cleaning Products

Oil-based cleaning products can dull or even damage the finish of your hardwood floors and age them prematurely. Talk to your floor’s manufacturer to find out the suitable product for your floor.

Also, keep in mind not to use oil-based cleaners on your glazed tile or tile that has a shiny appearance. These cleaners can make the tiles even more slippery.

Not Testing Products First
You will find an enormous number of carpet cleaning products on the market; however, all of them are not suitable for all colors and materials. To find the best product to use, read the labels of the products and follow the instructions suggested. Also, don’t forget to perform a test patch on a small area of your carpet before cleaning the whole area.

Cleaning Your Carpet Frequently

You may not be aware but cleaning your carpet too often can damage it. The excessive use of cleaning agents can escalate the wear and tear of the carpet fibers. Deep clean your carpet two times per year and use the manufacturer’s recommended product to increase the life expectancy of your carpet.

Not Keeping a Doormat

Most dirt enters your home through your entry door. Make sure to keep a doormat outside your home’s entrance. This will trap mud, dust, and dirt so that they do not even reach your floor.

Scrubbing the Tile

Make sure not to scrub your tile floor with scrubbing materials, such as scrubbing powders or steel wool. These products can mar your tile’s finish. A soft scrubbing mop and cloth can effectively remove the dust and dirt without damaging the finish.

Cleaning with a Colored Towel

Do not clean up a spill with the colored cloth or towel because the dye from the fabric will transfer on to your beloved carpet. Instead, stock some plain white towels in your kitchen and use them next time a spill happens.

Using Bleach Cleaners

Avoid using bleach cleaners on your tile floor. Instead, use mild cleaners that will effectively clean your floor. Remember, ammonia products and bleach can damage and discolor the grout.

Using Wax

Do not fall for products that are made with waxes. Why you may wonder? Because these products add shine to your wood floor by adding a thin sheet of wax. Wax-based products may make your floor look wonderful and appealing but they also have the potential to damage your floor.

When you use these cleaning products, you will have to keep using them over and over again. The more you use these products, the faster your floors will deteriorate. Furthermore, you will be unable to recoat and screen your floors once you have used these products on your hardwood floor. Now you might be thinking, what should I use to clean my hardwood floor, right? Simply use a cleaning product specifically formulated for hardwood floors.

Wearing Your Shoes In Your Home

Dirt, debris, and objects from your shoes can ruin your floor. Do you know that hardwood floors last longer in homes where people remove their shoes? So prefer comfortable and soft slippers over shoes. You can even purchase some extra pairs of slippers for your guests. Socks can work too, but they can be a bit more slippery. Encourage your relatives and friends to remove their shoes as soon as they enter the house.


Adding a little bit of extra shampoo or soap to get your carpet as clean as possible is not a good idea. You might not realize, but over time the build-up of soapy residue can be difficult to remove and can cause dust to stick to the soap in the carpet fibers. So, refrain from adding that extra bit of shampoo or soap.

Avoid these 13 mistakes and you will be able to maintain the shine and gloss that hardwood and tile floors come with in the first place.

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