Shark Vs Dyson Vacuum: A Battle Of The Cleaning Giants

While the vacuum cleaner industry is not something we always give too much attention to and we often buy vacuum cleaners based on what we need at that moment, there are two giants in the industry. These giants are Dyson and Shark and both of them have made a massive mark when we look at the best vacuum cleaners.

With some of you already knowing a lot about the brands, we have decided to dig a little deeper and do a little comparison of our own. If brands make a massive difference to you, you can clearly find out which one would be ideal for your job. We would also like to mention that we do not definitely say one is better than the other and this is all based on personal opinion.

Let’s Start With Dyson:

A favorable brand among many in the industry, Dyson has been around for a long time now. They have made a name for themselves by developing quality vacuum cleaners that will get the job done. One of their main features is the ball function that will keep on turning and add a little more suction power to the vacuum cleaner.

However, The Root Cyclone Technology is where they have really hit stride. It enables users to have even more suction power. This is perfect for homes where pets have the freedom of moving around as they please. This technology can remove hair and dust particles, but instead of launching them back into the air, they get trapped in the cleaner and your air will inevitably be cleaner as well.

Dyson vacuum cleaners are also known for having long power cords that make it much easier to clean larger rooms without having to find a different power source every now and again. The vacuum cleaners might be heavier and it can be frustrating to constantly move around, but they do get the job done without too much effort.

While there are numerous different Dyson models that will certainly draw your attention if you need a vacuum cleaner, they are a little expensive. Dyson has been running with the ball of the leading vacuum cleaner brand for a decent amount of time. This has given them a great reputation and they are capitalizing on it with prices that are a little more expensive.

Personally, I find the Dyson easy to use when cleaning large rooms. Yes, the longer power cord does play a massive role but simply looking at the head, you notice that it is a little wider. Being wider means it covers a larger area and it will clean much easier. However, then it is not the ideal vacuum for lifting and cleaning above your head.

Finally, the warranty is another really important aspect people need to keep in mind and Dyson has been reluctant with their warranties. Most of the vacuum cleaners they have available are stamped with a 5-year limited warranty. This is more than enough to see if you have any defects or if it does not live up to promises.

How Shark Stacks Up:

Starting with Shark is actually quite fun. Not only is the name one of the most innovative, especially when you use your imagination to see a shark munching through all the dirt to keep your home efficiently clean, but it offers a lot of value to users. One of my favorite parts is the aesthetic appearance of all the vacuum cleaners.

Much like Dyson, Shark as also included a cyclone-like technology. As mentioned, this will keep all of the dirt and the debris firmly concealed inside the vacuum cleaner and leave your air cleaner. The HEPA filtration system on both systems does have a major effect as well, but since it is such a common feature, we are not focusing on it.

Power cords can be frustrating and compared to the Dyson, the power cord is slightly shorter. It might not be ideal, but when I say slightly, does 5-feet make that much of a difference? The biggest factor for me is the weight and Shark is much lighter than some of the Dyson vacuum cleaners, making it much easier to move around.

Both these brands have spent hours on the motor of the vacuum cleaner, but the brush motor that most Shark Vacuum Cleaners have included will ensure that it never loses power when you are using it. The suction power even remains the same as the battery is slowly fading, something lesser vacuum cleaning brands have struggled with.

The price for Shark Vacuum Cleaners will also make you smile and compared to Dyson, their prices are slightly more affordable. This allows the average Joe to actually buy a top quality vacuum cleaner without breaking their budget. The warranties are also more extensive and who does not want to have a 7-year limited warranty to keep them protected.

Overall, I think Shark is a great vacuum cleaner and the affordability of their ranges work well with the excellent aesthetic appearance that they will offer the user.

Which One Is The Winner?

Asking me which one is the winner is like asking who will definitely win the Super Bowl before the season has even started. Both of them have a fair chance of competing for the number one spot and much like sports; they have their intended purposes to get specific jobs done. Personally, I like them both. Since I like to save a buck or two every now and again, I would choose a cheaper Shark model.

Now that you have read my story and which one I will buy, you can also voice your opinion. Let us know in the comment section which of them you would choose and if we have missed any other important points. We would love to incorporate them in this article and add more information that you deem necessary after using these top quality vacuum cleaners.

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