Best Vacuum Cleaners According To Different Type Of Surfaces

You need the Best Vacuum cleaner to keep your home clean and safe. The market is currently flooded with different types, sizes, and shapes of vacuum cleaners. Each of them come with a multiplicity of features and are function-specific. This makes it a bit thorny, sifting through the market to get the best vacuum suitable for your needs. Their cost as well varies widely depending on their functionality and use cases.

You need to be well informed before shopping around, otherwise, you may find it difficult to settle on the right choice and type of vacuum cleaner suitable for your needs.

In this article, therefore, we have discussed the different types of vacuum cleaning equipment and their specific use-cases to help you easily pick the right choice for your needs.

Now, let’s start! 

Types of vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners can be classified into upright Vs Cylinder types of vacuum cleaners. They are as well classified as bad Vs bagless Vacuum cleaners.

Upright vacuum cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners are the preferred choice of many because they are user-friendly and are not difficult to use. You easily control them and they store away conveniently.

The motor and suction head of this type of vacuum cleaners are included in the same unit. They are commonly regulated with the use of the feet. Their suction power is impressive. They feature inbuilt controls which make it convenient and user-friendly.


  • They are cost effective
  • Very powerful
  • Great maneuverability
  • Fantastic storage capacity

Use cases

These units are more suitable for carpet floors because of their brush bar features. These help them clean difficult-to-reach areas. Some of them also work for the ordinary floor.

The downside

  • You need some force to push the unit around

Cylindrically shaped vacuum cleaners

Cylindrical vacuum cleaners are typically more standard models of vacuum cleaners. Being basic, they are less costly than upright vacuum cleaners. They are also compact not bulky like upright models. Thus, they can easily be stored away and only requires a limited amount of space.


  • Cheap
  • Compact
  • Light and portable
  • Cleans hard-to-reach areas

Use cases

  • They are best for vacuuming tight corners, upholstery, and staircases.

Stick vacuum cleaner

Stick vacuums are thin handheld models. They have less power compared to the upright model and doesn’t work well for large home. However, they come with a series of accessories which makes the task easier. They work well for tight corners. They are also portable and are easy to store away.  

Use cases 

  • Work best for tight corners


  • Easy maneuverability
  • Compact size
  • Great design
  • You don’t need to bend to clean


  • Low battery power
  • Not great for cleaning carpet

Handheld vacuum cleaner

Expectantly, these types of vacuum cleaners are held with hands. They are best for cleaning tight corners but they have the least suction power. Some models come with cords while others are cordless.

Use cases

These models are great and practical for vacuuming cars, carpet floors, random spillages, and upholstery.


  • Compact size, lightweight and portable
  • Easy to clean

Canister vacuums

The canister vacuum cleaners come with dual-parts. The first part of this cleaning equipment contains a cylindrical container that houses the vacuum’s motor while the other part contains a box for sifting and collecting dirt. This regularly comes with a thin suction hose. They have small wheels which makes it easy to pull them around the home.

Use cases

This is originally meant for hard floors but it currently comes with accessories that make it practical for cleaning carpets, stairs, beneath furniture and cleans above your head.


  • Lightweight and think
  • The suction hose design makes cleaning easy similar to the stick vacuum cleaners.
  • Good insulation and noiseless

Robotic/ Automatic vacuum cleaner

This type of vacuum cleaners just moves around the house collecting dust. You don’t need to do much with this type of vacuum cleaners. They are capable of getting to hard-to each corner especially places, you can’t clean with larger versions. They are cost-effective and saves your time. Some of them are Wi-Fi-powered which means you can control them using the attached mobile app.


  • They require less operational effort on the owner’s side
  • It hovers around the house once activated on its own and vacuums up dust and debris.

B: Bagged vs Bagless vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners can as well be grouped into two depending on their built-in methods of dirt disposal. These include the bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners. So while looking to purchase, vacuum cleaners aside from comparing between upright and cylindrical model, you need to also bear these in mind. Each of them has merits and demerits. You may want to check them out before you settle on a particle model.

Which model that suit your needs depends on your home interior set up. If you have a bar floor, the bagless vacuums with canister are gentle and suitable for such surfaces. Upright vacuums may be too harsh on the floor. For Carpeted floors, you need high-powered suction type vacuums.

Bagged Vacuum cleaners

The bagged version has a larger capacity of dust bag inside the main compartment for collecting dirt. The bags are either disposable or reusable bags and limits exposure to dust. They would be your preferred choice if you have asthma or are allergic as they tend to be less dusty and more hygienic than the bagless vacuums. The downside, however, that they are less eco-friendly as you need to constantly buy replaceable dust bags. Besides the cost of these bags can add up over time.


  • Less dusty and more hygienic 
  • The dust bag makes disposal and maintenance easy


  • They are rather pricier especially due to the cost of the replaceable bags
  • Performs poorly as the bag starts to get filled up. To stop this, you need to empty the bag before it fills up.

Bagless Vacuums

Bagless vacuum cleaners work with a filter system built inside the dust canister for trapping dust and debris. It can as well work through “cyclonic action” system which sifts specks of dust out of canister trapped air. This model are environmentally friendly. You don’t need to fiddle with replacement bags.

They commonly feature a transparent canister which makes it easy for you to see the debris you’ve collected. This makes easy to empty and clean.


  • They are cheaper to maintain. You don’t have to purchase replacement bags.
  • They come with a transparent external canister that allows you to see the dirt it gathers which is practical if it accidentally picks up tiny important materials.
  • The exterior canister means you can easily see when to empty which makes maintenance easy.


  • Repair can be quite cost-prohibitive.
  • Cleaning external canister may be distasteful especially if you are asthmatic or allergic to dust. Also, it can make a mess if you accidentally drop it.
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